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Increasing Your Abundance

Some definitions of abundance are: - the state in which there is more than enough; a great or plentiful amount; copious, plentiful, ample, and bountiful.


There are many aspects of your life in which you may be looking to increase the level of abundance e.g. financial, loving relationships, opportunities, fun, knowledge, energy etc. etc. However, something that most of us are oblivious to is that we are surrounded by abundance wherever we look, if we only open up our awareness to it. Instead, we are spending our time focussing upon all the things that we don’t have in our life, rather than all the riches and opportunities that surround us.


If we spend our days thinking about the things that are missing from our lives, we will continue to create things being absent from our life, because that is where we are choosing to put our energy. However if we only start to notice all the wonderful things we do have in our life and express gratitude for those, we will start to attract more of the things that we want around us. This is all part of understanding that wherever we choose to focus our thoughts, then that is what we will attract into our lives, as we create our life with our thoughts. It happens by a universal law called The Law of Attraction which is so beautifully explained in the book and DVD called “The Secret”.


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we create our world.             Siddhartha Guatama – The Buddha


Just to start the ball rolling in your day, notice as soon as you wake up in the morning how you are surrounded by wonderful things e.g. the bed on which you are lying, the sheets or duvet keeping you warm, the building structure around you, pictures on the walls, lovely bedroom furniture, curtains or blinds at the windows or sunlight streaming in through the window. You are surrounded by an abundance of things to help make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.


Then notice the abundance of sounds around you e.g. birds singing outside, traffic noises, the gentle breathing of a loved pet or partner and all the other sounds of the world starting a new day.


Notice any aromas as you lie there of the lingering smell of washing powder on the bed clothes, a hint of your own perfume or after shave or perhaps the tantalising smell of someone’s breakfast cooking and the coffee pot filtering.


Become aware of the abundance of thoughts that you have already had since you awoke and remind your self of the amazing bank of knowledge that you have stored in your incredible brain and the ease of access that you have to astounding amounts of knowledge and wisdom from books, tapes, CD’S, the internet etc. etc.


Think of all those lovely friendships that you have made over the years and the wonderful relationships that have given you so many experiences and feelings of love and acceptance.


Now experiment with giving out a thought of immense gratitude for all of this awesome abundance in your life that you now acknowledge, even before you have risen from your bed.


As you continue through your day, begin noticing more things to be grateful for and avoid focussing on any thoughts of lack.


Are you starting to realise just how much abundance surrounds you each and every part of the day? Once we increase our awareness of all the wonderful things that we have attracted into our lives and we start to show gratitude and appreciation for them, we will attract more of the same towards us, equally well if we focus on the lack in our lives, we will attract more of that – The Law of Attraction at work. What will you choose?


When it comes to finances, if we begin to notice the little ways in which the universe is providing money for us and we show gratitude for that, then more and more will come our way. Maybe you find a small coin on the pavement or someone gives you a tip for doing a particularly good job or you get a discount on some goods or new clothes in a sale or even that someone gives you something you have been wanting as a gift. These are all examples of how the universe can be providing you with the abundance that you desire.


There is an abundance of material (no pun intended) written by experts in the field of gratitude and abundance like Bob Proctor, Tom and Penelope Pauley and Russ Beauchene to name a few. On the links page you can access their work providing further explanation of how we can attract abundance into our own lives in various ways.



So, start by changing your focus on to where you have abundance in your life, and let go of thinking about all the things that you feel you lack. Then show real gratitude for all that abundance and just watch more and more abundance enter into your life.


Sometimes it appears that we have blocks to our abundance which can be caused by many different factors. It can be due to our belief systems regarding money that may stem from childhood. How many times were we told that “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “Money doesn’t bring happiness” or “Money is the root of all evil?” Do you think that these beliefs are likely to hold us back from inviting riches into our life?


We can also use poverty as a great excuse for not getting out of our comfort zone to do things. Rather than giving someone an explanation for why we don’t want to do something or go somewhere, it can be easier to tell someone that we cannot afford it.


The “poor me” attitude is also powerful for gaining the attention of others around; getting them to do things for us as a sign of their love for us; or for saving us from having to face our fears. It can be very enlightening when we are being truly honest with ourselves about why we are penniless and it is not usually because someone else is at fault, although we might like to try and put the blame squarely on someone else’s shoulders! We have the power within us to change that situation and that starts with changing ourselves in some way first.  


If you feel that you may have blocks to your abundance that you seem unable to clear for yourself, it is worth seeking the help of a qualified therapist or healer to help you. I find that using either Kinetic Energen or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or a combination of the two, works very well for shifting the blocks. 


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