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Re-Balancing Energy


Re-Balancing Your Energy

How many of us complain at certain times in our life that we have no energy? It may feel like that but this is a completely false statement as the energy capacity of the cells in our body is phenomenal. Considering that we have approximately 100 trillion cells in our body and each one has the energy capacity of 1.17 volts, then we have the potential within each one of us to light up a city, we are so filled with energy!


However, it may be true to say that sometimes we are blocking our energy from travelling properly through our body, thereby making us feel lacking in our normal energy resources. We can feel drained of energy if we have been through a particularly gruelling experience or if we have been expending a lot of energy on unnecessary worry.


We can also feel tired if we are asked to do something against our will as we will naturally put blocks in our energy system by our feelings of negativity towards taking the required action. Just ask a teenager to tidy their bedroom and watch them dragging themselves around as if all their energy is spent! The next minute their friend calls to ask them if they are coming out tonight and miraculously there is a burst of energy to leap in the shower and get ready to dash out. Where did all that energy come from all of a sudden? Or was it there all the time?


How many of us are leading our lives doing things against our will? Maybe we are doing a job that we hate or living with a partner or spouse that we no longer get along with or maybe a close relative is literally sapping energy from us with their negativity and constant demands.


We are totally responsible for where we choose to put our energy and whether or not our energy pathways are being blocked by our negative emotions towards something or someone. Equally well we can choose to think differently about situations and get help or use various methods for clearing our energy system and restoring our body’s natural balance.


 There are many different ways in which this can be achieved and unfortunately it will not happen by taking pharmaceutical drugs to aim for some quick fix solution to clear your low energy. Please be aware that all pharmaceuticals are chemical by nature and serve to interfere with the very fine balance of natural chemicals already existent in your body. Your amazing body contains all the necessary healing chemicals to restore your body to natural health if it is just given the appropriate environment to get into action. The majority of pharmaceuticals are aimed at the symptoms and not the cause of your problem and they can produce some horrendous side effects along the way.  


There are many and varied ways of helping the body to regain its natural flow of energy, by unblocking the meridians or invisible energy lines that travel through our body. This can be achieved with the help of different therapies or techniques which can be administered in many different ways but which have a similar aim of getting the energy flowing properly again.


If you imagine that you have a hosepipe with a kink in it which has limited the flow of water to a trickle, you will not be getting the full potential of water out of the end of the hose. Once you remove the kink blocking the flow, you can regain the full force of the water. This works in a similar way in the body when, if one of your energy meridians is blocked perhaps by a negative emotional state, your energy will become limited. Remove this energy block or these negative emotions and you recover your full energy potential and feel great again.



Kinetic Energen 


This is a very effective therapy that has been invented by Professor Dan McNair from Australia for which he won the Albert Schweitzer prize in 1993 for Complimentary Medicine. Kinetic Energen involves the use of homoeopathic patches that are placed over various energy meridians of the body. The combination of patches, location on the body and time for wearing the patches is all tested for by using kinesiology (muscle energy testing). This means that the patches being used are absolutely specific for that individual at that time, and will be working on what the body says it needs, rather than what the therapist may think will help the person. 


Kinetic Energen may be used to assist the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level with great effectiveness and can bring about life changing shifts in an individual's energy system.


I use it with many of my patients alongside traditional physiotherapy techniques to assist in speeding up the re-balancing process.


Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT was formulated by Gary Craig from USA and is another highly effective way of unblocking the energy meridians of the body. It involves first getting the patient focussed on their pain, negative emotion or issue that they wish to clear. The therapist or patient then taps on a sequence of energy meridians of the body having first scored the intensity of the problem with which they are dealing. As the tapping continues, the intensity of the pain or emotion reduces until a point is reached where the patient no longer experiences this as being a problem.


I find that this is highly successful for clearing stubborn physical pains, negative emotions, phobias, depression, addictions and traumatic memories to name a few things. Again, I use this in conjunction with other techniques to assist in speeding up the recovery process.


To find out more about EFT click on the following link EFT home page which takes you to the EFT website or click on the  video image to watch a short introduction to EFT.


Watch the new EFT video

These are just a couple of the possible ways for re-balancing the energy of the body. There will be more information added to this website about other therapies so please check back on a frequent basis to find out what else is available.

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