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The following are links to various helpful and informational websites that I recommend checking out to further your knowledge of how you can be the best you can be in life.  


This web site has been created for the education of those interested in EFT.  There is no membership or registration required for you to peruse and study this large library of information. 



This website is a resource for information and success stories about EFT and Emotrance and its applications.



This website is full of information about EFT and meridian therapies along with extracts, courses and testimonials.



This website provides a list of healers and therapists in the UK



This website is full of wisdom from David Cameron Gikandi that can be practisally and easily applied to everyday life



This website by Russ Beauchene is designed to help you create the life that you want. It is full of free information, tools and wisdom to assist you in changing your life for the better.



This is the website of the amazing coach, mentor and speaker Bob Proctor who is featured in "The Secret".



This website by Tom and Penelope Pauley offers products and information to help you attract more abundance into your life.


Cygnus are providers of mind, body and spirit books, tapes, CD’S etc. at excellent prices.



Nightingale-Conant are one of the world’s biggest producers and publishers of personal development products and services



This website includes much free information on dehydration along with many scientific articles explaining our body's need for water.



This website warns us of the dangers of the intake of aspartame in our food and drink.



This website provides information on Monosodium Glutamate as a possible cause of the obesity epidemic. 


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