Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective treatment for reducing pain and emotional distress. It achieves incredible results for stress-related problems, such as fear and anxiety, while also clearing physical aches and pains to improve your overall wellbeing. The treatment involves using a series of tapping techniques, which can also be continued at home. To book an appointment, get in touch with me today.

What EFT Can Help With

EFT is a simple, non-invasive treatment that helps release energy blocks in our system that have been caused by negative past events. It involves tapping with the fingertips on specific energy meridian points on the body including hands, face and chest. This unblocks the stuck energy and releases the negative emotions that have been creating the pain. It can help with:

A key benefit of this technique is that it is a tool you can learn yourself. You can use it to support yourself through stressful moments in everyday life, so it can become part of your routine. It is also an ideal therapy for children to learn and use if they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Man On Sofa Struggling With Stress
Touching Eft Point On Face

Local EFT Specialist

Whether you are feeling anxious, suffering from pain or having trouble sleeping, get in touch today to book an appointment. This technique aims to clear stuck energy in the body in order to restore your vitality and resilience. I offer treatments either in my clinic or as a home visit if you are unable to get to me.

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Get in touch to book an appointment. You can visit my one of my practice rooms in Broadway or Malvern or request a home visit in that local area. For more information, call today.

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