Pelvic Correction

Recurring problems with the back, hip, knee, ankle, neck and shoulders can be due to the pelvis being out of alignment. This can be caused by a stumble, catching your foot on something or twisting the pelvis awkwardly. However, a very simple system of exercises devised by Alexander Barrie can be taught to correctly align the position of the pelvis so that the secondary problems can settle down. Following on from the treatment, you can then continue these exercises at home.

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Signs Of a Misaligned Pelvis

You may have a misaligned pelvis if you are experiencing:

In addition, if left untreated these problems can progress into more severe complications and pain that will impact your day-to-day life. My treatments can help find the source of your discomfort and put together a bespoke plan to relieve your symptoms.

Lower Back Suffering From Back Pain
Increased Flexibility Exercising

Benefits of Pelvic Correction

There are a number of benefits you can experience from pelvic correction.

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