Primal Reflex Release Technique, also known as PRRT, is a manual therapy devised by John Iams (US Physical Therapist). It provides highly effective relief from musculoskeletal pain and can help with a wide range of conditions.

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Primal Reflex Release Technique

This manual therapy is based on the premise that overstimulation of the primal pain reflex mechanism can cause patterns of pain to be held in the body long after the initial trauma has passed. PRRT addresses specific muscles that have become upregulated and tense causing physical pain in the upper or lower body. The treatment can help with a number of conditions:

Prrt Touch Point On Forehead
Woman Suffering From Muscle Pain In Shoulder

Speedy Relief From Pain

PRRT is a gentle, non-invasive technique that provides quick pain relief. Furthermore, it also has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. Your treatment will begin with an assessment to determine which muscles have become overstimulated. I will then perform techniques to relax the reflexes which will, in turn, ease the pain and restore function.

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